DMZ Destroy Reinforcement Helicopters, Fix Two Birds Warzone 2

Two Birds is a Tier 2 White Lotus faction mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. It consists of three objectives. What you need to do to complete it is to first travel to the Al-Safwa Quarry, kill 18 enemies there, and, finally, to destroy two enemy reinforcement helicopters. The first two of these are fairly easy and straightforward, but the third objective is where things get tricky. Not to mention – buggy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to destroy the two reinforcement helicopters in DMZ Warzone 2 and several things you need to know about how to fix the bugs in the Two Birds mission.

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Destroy Reinforcement Helicopters, Fix Two Birds DMZ Warzone 2
Destroy Reinforcement Helicopters, Fix Two Birds DMZ Warzone 2

Destroy 2 Reinforcement Helicopters in Al-Safwa Quarry DMZ Warzone 2

Once you have completed the first two objectives, there are several things you need to be aware of when it comes to the Reinforcement Helicopters. The first of these is that these Helicopters can be very difficult to shoot down. The best weapon to use to destroy it is the Rocket Launcher, so we recommend that you have it as a starting weapon. All it takes are two rockets from one of these to destroy a helicopter. Otherwise, you can spend all your ammo trying to destroy it and you may end up not having any left for the ground enemies. If you don’t have a RL, you can usually find it from some enemies that are on rooftops.

Also, sometimes a helicopter will fly much further away than it was supposed to, leaving you with no other alternative than running after it to destroy it. There are two ways to get the Helicopters to spawn. The first of these is to kill as many enemies here as possible in that area. If that doesn’t work, try doing the green missions there. Not all of these are guaranteed to get it to spawn, so try doing them until you get lucky. We had particular success with the de-bombing missions, so you can do these first. Once the Helicopter appears, concentrate your fire on taking it out first. After that, kill the enemies that have dropped from the helicopter as well. Otherwise, the second helicopter won’t appear.

DMZ Two Birds Bug Fix

There are two bugs that you can get here. The first is that, even when you get to the Al-Safwa Quarry, the first objective won’t get marked as completed and the mission won’t progress further. The second is that, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the helicopters to appear. Here’s what you can do to try and resolve these bugs. First, instead of solo, try playing with a squad mate that has the same mission.

Many players have reported that this managed to solve the problem for them and they could then complete the mission without any further problems. Secondly, you should make sure that you have done all of the lTier 1 missions first before doing this one. If neither of these methods work for you, then the only thing left is to wait for an official fix. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for it for too long.

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