DMZ Blowtorch Locations, Deliver 26 Blow Torches to Gas Station

Not sure where to find 26 Blow Torches for the “Mechanic” Legion Mission in DMZ? Many DMZ missions revolve around quite a simple concept – find a set amount of a specific item, and deliver them to some of the several Dumpster Dead Drop locations around Al Mazrah. However, some items can be rather hard to find. In this guide, we explain how to get 26 Blowtorches and provide a location of the Dead Drop at the Mawizeh Marshlands Gast Station.

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DMZ Blowtorch Locations, Deliver 26 Blow Torches to Gas Station

Where to Find Blow Torches for Mechanic Legion Mission DMZ

Many players find that completing the “Mechanic” Legion Mission is one of the hardest things to do in DMZ. That’s because Blow Torches are rare and particularly hard items to find in Al Mazrah. And you will need 26 of them! And to make things even harder, they don’t have a dedicated spot where you can find them. Rather, they are a random drop. Thus, you’ll need a bit of luck to collect 26 of them. That said, there are some places and locations where the chances of getting a Blowtorch drop are higher.

Villages are such locations. Or, to be more precise, various warehouses and garages inside them. Whenever you find yourself inside these objects, make sure to check everything. Hafid Port, Rohan Oil, Al-Malik Airport, and Al Safwa Quarry are points of interest with higher chances of finding a Blow Torch. Reddit user u/TonWardHD has created a map, which you can see below, which pinpoints all the locations with high chances of finding blow torches. Check out his DMZ Blowtorch Locations map (Click to Enlarge):

Where to Find 26 Blow Torches for Mechanic Legion Mission DMZ
Pink Markers label potential spawning spots for Blow Torches. Image Credit: u/TonWardHD via Reddit.

Dumpster Dead Drop at the Mawizeh Marshlands Gas Station Location

Now that you know where to find Blow Torches in DMZ, let’s see where you need to drop them. The mission description explains that the Dumpster Dead Drop is at the Mawizeh Marshlands Gas Station. This Gas Station is relatively easy to spot. Our map below shows that it is located on the western outskirts of Mawizeh Marsh, just south of Al-Mazrah City. Check out the images below for the exact location:

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