DMZ Bombmaker's Blend Barter Bugged

If you can’t craft DMZ Bombmaker’s Blend Barter following Warzone’s The Haunting Halloween 2023 update, you are not alone! The new spooky update has just landed across all Call of Duty games, and things are no different in DMZ. However, aside from new enemies, features and modes, it has also arrived with some unfortunate new bugs. Namely, it seems that Bombmaker’s Blend Barter is bugged in DMZ, as players are unable to trade for the Bombmaker’s Blend. Hence, they can not unlock the Serpentine camo. Here’s what we know about this.

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DMZ Bombmaker's Blend Barter Bugged
DMZ Bombmaker’s Blend Barter Bugged

DMZ Bombmaker’s Blend Barter Bugged

The new 2023 spooky season is now live across Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, and DMZ. Players will be able to experience reskinned horror-themed maps, a host of unique “scary” bosses, earn a host of Halloween-themed cosmetics, and much more. However, those who were hoping to finally grind out the Serpentine camo, which is unique for DMZ, are less fortunate. Namely, it seems that one of the steps, which requires players to craft the Bombmaker’s Blend, is not working.

“I just spent all day getting to the point in the serpentine grind that you have to trade for the Bombmaker’s Blend,” says Reddit user KJM100001. “I have tried on 3 different games to trade for it with all of the correct items. (Ancient Gun Oil, Bombmaker’s Screwdriver, 200K, and a GPU) The Bombmaker’s Blend is highlighted in white in the barter menu, but when I click it nothing happens.” And many other players report similar issue. They have all the right items, but they can not interact with the Bombmaker’s Blend. Just for a reminder, let’s check out which items you need:

  • Ancient Gun Oil
  • Bombmaker’s Screwdriver
  • GPU
  • $200K

So, is there a fix for the bugged Bombmaker’s Blend Barter in DMZ? Unfortunately, to the best of our current knowledge, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this. We will simply have to wait for the developers to release a fix. If you know of a workaround, please share it with us in the comments!

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