DMZ Damascus Dog Tag, Gold & Silver Dog Tag Explained

Are you not sure what Bronze Dog Tag, Silver Dog Tag and Gold Dog Tag in DMZ are? We’ve got you covered. The new season is live in Warzone 2, which means the start of DMZ Season 2. In this guide, we explain what DMZ Damascus Dog Tags are and the difference between all Dog Tags in the game.

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DMZ Damascus Dog Tag, Gold & Silver Dog Tag Explained
DMZ Gold Dog Tag, Silver Dog Tag, and Bronze Dog Tag Explained

What is Damascus Dog Tag in DMZ?

While most of the new DMZ content is well documented in blog posts and patch notes, some new things are a mystery for the player base. Namely, soon after launch, players started finding bronze, silver, or gold dog tags in DMZ, as well as Damascus Dog Tags. However, the developers are yet to officially explain these different tiered Dog Tags. Hence, players are speculating about what they could mean. Here they are:

  • Damascus Dog Tag – $50K
  • Gold Dog Tag – $25K
  • Silver Dog Tag – $5K
  • Brzone Dog Tag – $2500

DMZ Bronze Dog Tag, Silver Dog Tag, and Gold Dog Tag Differences

As we can see, there are four different tiers of Dog Tags added to DMZ with Season 2. However, what are they, and what do they do? Currently, there’s no official explanation regarding the new dog tags. Still, many players speculate that the new Dog Tags are related to exfil streaks. Based on this theory, here are the values:

  • 0-3 exfil streaks – $2500 Brzone Dog Tag
  • 4-6 exfil streaks – $5k Silver Dog Tag
  • 6-9 exfil streaks – $25 Gold Dog Tag
  • 10 exfil streaks – $50k Damascus Dog Tag

However, remember that this is currently only a theory. Hence, you should take this info with a grain of salt. There was a theory that it was related to the insurance slot numbers. Nonetheless, that theory was debunked since there are only three insurance slots and four tiers of Dog Tags.

Furthermore, some players speculated that it is related to the number of kills a player had before they were killed. This was also disputed as some players dropped high-value (Damascus or Gold) Dog Tags while having a small number of kills in that game. We will make sure to update the article once we have more information.

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