DMZ Pay to Win Bundles Explained

Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? The Pay-to-Win mechanics are some of the most frowned-upon features in modern games. They exist in some free-to-play games and do exactly what it means – provide an unfair advantage for those who are ready to pay real-life cash for those benefits. Given that Warzone 2 and DMZ are free to play, new PW2 skins and bundles have many players worried. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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DMZ Pay to Win Bundles Explained

Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? PW2 DMZ Bundles Explained

For the DMZ community, one of the most outrageous P2W features introduced with Season 3 is the Bomb Squad Operator Bundles. And, unfortunately, we can not mince our words here. They are indeed pay-to-win in the sense that they provide obvious advantages to those who opt to purchase these bundles with their hard-earned money.

There are four different skins bundles with PW2 mechanics, and they provide players with various gameplay bonuses. Firstly, bundles purchased automatically unlock the fourth Active Duty Slot. Furthermore, purchasing these bundles will grant you a reduced insured weapon cooldown timer. Namely, when you die in DMZ, your loadout and weapons are normally set on a 60-minute cooldown. However, with these DMZ Pay to Win bundles, this is reduced to only 15 minutes.

On top of it, each of the PW2 DMZ bundles provides players with additional bonuses. One skin will give players a medium-sized backpack, allowing them to immediately have more room for important items, which is essential in DMZ. Another skin gives players free UAV gear. Then, there’s a skin that comes with a larger plate carrier (2-plate). And finally, one of the DMZ Pay to Win skin bundles always start with a free Self Revive equipped. As you can see, these all provide clear advantages for those who buy Bomb Squad Operator Bundles. Hence, our unfortunate conclusion is that DMZ has indeed become PW2.

Is DMZ Pay to Win in Warzone Season 3? PW2 DMZ Bundles Explained

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