DMZ Plea and Assimilation in Season 4 Reloaded Explained

If you are wondering “How do the new Plea for Help and Assimilation wok in DMZ Season 4 Reloaded?”, you’ve come to the right place! The Season 4 mid-season update is here and it comes packed with exciting summer content. When it comes to DMZ, the biggest change comes with how Plea and Assimilation now work. Read on as we explain all you need to know about the new system.

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DMZ Plea and Assimilation in Season 4 Reloaded Explained

DMZ Season 4 Reloaded Plea for Help and Assimilation Explained

The summer is here and with it, the first big Call of Duty update this July. Season 4 Reloaded doesn’t offer much in terms of raw content for DMZ fans, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for the extraction mode. A small, big significant change is introduced to DMZ’s signature Assimilation feature. Of course, the same goes for “Plea for Help” in DMZ Season 4 Reloaded. Let’s take a look at the official patch notes regarding these changes:

  • When reviving someone who is pleading, the Player who was pleading will no longer auto-join the reviver’s team
  • There will be a 30-second grace period after a Player is revived, where the reviver’s team will not be able to damage the Player who was pleading
  • After reviving, the reviver will be given a prompt to invite the revived Player to their team
  • The ‘Plea for Help’ and ‘Loot’ prompts are now separate:
  • The ‘Plea for Help’ revive prompt is on the Player’s body, and the ‘Loot’ prompt is on the Backpack like normal
  • Looting the Player first will not disable the Plea option
  • Created a direct assimilation function to only send a request to one person.
  • The team who eliminated the Player that is pleading will no longer be able to accept their plea request and then revive. This prevents eliminating to force assimilation.

The main takeaway we got from this is that it encourages more communication. It pushes the team to communicate before adding someone rather than eliminating them. In addition, it also rewards the reviver’s team, as they will be able to grab some loot. If you are not sure how something works, ask us in the comments!

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  1. D
    Dennis Sorensen

    So the Season 4 Change up really was not tested well before slapping it on us like that. This kind of spoiled the game play in my opinion.
    1. The team who eliminated the Player that is pleading will no longer be able to accept their plea request and then revive. This prevents eliminating to force assimilation.
    Comment on this: Ok so this brings other teams in to get killed because the team that took you down cannot Res you? Force Assimilation??? What. Most of us were glad to find some good sportsmanship from other players that even though they kicked your butt they would pick you up and let you recover. Now the Game is back to being a free for all and all out slaughter there is no increased Communication they Just kill you and move on and noone else comes to revive you. This update was a huge mistake and has made many of my fellow players want to stop playing DMZ all together.
    2. The Boys…..What were they thinking… Oh yeah publicity. This was the worst Idea of them all. You don’t know what power you will get and then if you luckily get the over powered laser eyes for a temp time. What is this Fortnite? I played because I love the Battle not the super powers. I don’t play fortnite for that reason.
    I used to play Battlefield but their game requirements for a PC were just dumb, You should not have to build a new PC every tiime a game comes out, but that is a different issue. If EA had not messed up so bad with Battlefield I would have never found DMZ. I finally was enjoying COD for once and now this garbage.
    3, Looting the Player first will not disable the Plea option… Changing the Rescue from a instant revie to a 5 Second hold was genius…. Not All the players got used to quick click reviving and now you have to hold it to revive. Many players won’t even try because they it is easier to move on, than to risk getting shot while picking you up.

    Such a Terrible change do change stuff that already works Activision.

    1. L
      Lawrence Guszkowski

      completely agree. Horrible updates- whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired from Activision. Good news is I can go back to completing Tears of the Kingdom, until Activision gets their priorities straight.

    2. A

      You are damn right. What an idiotic plea change is this. They should revert it back to its original state

  2. J
    JoHn SpArTaN

    This update is pure dogsh1t, nobody picks players up, players cant pick up people who plea, it just sends more players back to the lobby with less opportunity to actually play the game. In the long run this will drive people away from DMZ. Cant imagine the focus group of lobby hackers that dreamt up this idea and thought it was somehow going to be popular.

  3. M

    As a solo player, this really, really hurts me. I play DMZ almost exclusively and avoid PVP as much as possible since I imagine people are like me – just wanting to get loot, do missions, and mess up some bots. Before this change, if I got killed, I could get revived by the person who killed me. I met a lot of cool people that way. Sure, some people left me to rot but that’s the way it worked. Now, if I get killed, I have to hope that someone comes to help me after I’ve been looted and usually that person who killed me is camping the body, waiting for good Samaritans to come and help, only to rack up more of a body count. At least once a session I go to help a plead only to see someone waiting on a UAV to snipe me from the top of a building. The bounty on put on someone for killing players does not dissuade these players from having their fun, and I use that term loosely.

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