DMZ Quid Pro Quo, Call in LTV Drop Behind Castle in Vondel

Not sure how to call in our LTV vehicle drop behind the castle in Vondel? We’ve got you covered! DMZ Quid Pro Quo is one of the new White Lotus missions in Season 4. It consists of three steps where we will need to use an LTV and drive the vehicle to the flea market and fire station in the same deployment. This mission guide will explain everything you need to know.

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DMZ Quid Pro Quo, Call in LTV Drop Behind Castle in Vondel
DMZ Call in LTV Drop Behind Castle in Vondel

How to Call In Our LTV Vehicle Drop Behind the Castle in Vondel, DMZ Quid Pro Quo Guide

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 4 has arrived with a myriad of new features and content for DMZ. Of course, the biggest star is a brand new map called Vondel. Smaller than Al Mazrah but bigger than Ashika Island, this map provides quite a few exciting new locations to explore. Given all the new content, the new season also comes with the mission reset for all factions. DMZ Quid Pro Quo is one of those new missions, for the White Lotus faction. It requires players to deploy on the new map and “call in our LTV vehicle drop behind the castle in Vondel”. Sounds easy enough. However, there is some confusion.

Namely, the most important thing to understand is that the task doesn’t require you to purchase an LTV from the shop. Not only that it is not required, but the task will not count if you use your LTV. Rather, it states “Call in OUR LTV vehicle”. Hence, head to the area behind the Castle. That’s the most northeastern area of the map. Check out our map below for the exact location. There, a blue flare will spawn. Interact with the flare, and you will call in the LTV vehicle. We’re not sure if it will be always that the same location, but it will be in the general area behind the castle, with ruins and bulwarks.

Finally, you must drive that LTV to the flea market and fire station. You only need to enter into these Vonel points of interest. There are no specific locations in that area where you need to park the LVT. Simply enter a POI, and when the note appears that you are in that area, it will count for the mission. With that said, our “DMZ Quid Pro Quo, Call in LTV Drop Behind Castle in Vondel” guide is completed.

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    Dragon scar

    Yo I think they broke the LTV mission. The LTV is spawned in from the start now making it impossible to call it in. Can there be an update if you find more? If so please send me an email

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