DMZ Vondel Investigation, Russian Hard Drive & Upload Station Locations

In our DMZ Vondel Investigation, Russian Hard Drive & Upload Station Locations guide, we are basically going to walk you through the whole mission. First, we’ll show you where to find and take the Russian hard drive in the Graveyard. We’ll also tell you what you’ll need to complete the mission that is not in one of the steps. Lastly, we’ll talk about where you can find an upload station.

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dmz vondel investigation russian hard drive & upload station locations
DMZ Vondel Investigation, Russian Hard Drive & Upload Station Locations

Find and Take Russian Hard Drive from Graveyard in Vondel DMZ

Before you can find and take the Russian hard drive from the Graveyard in the DMZ Vondel Investigation mission, you should now that you have to bring the Shadow Intel laptop with you. You can find that in the Ashika Science Center. For more info on that, check out our Shadow Company Intel, Laptop in Ashika Science Center Location guide. Anyways, be sure to drop into Vondel with the laptop in your inventory. Once you’re on the map, head to the westernmost corner of the Graveyard. Hop the fence and grab the hard drive from behind the mausoleum. Do be careful, because there will likely be a lot of other players milling about.

Upload Russian Hard Drive to Shadow Company at an Upload Station in DMZ

Once you have the Russian hard drive from the graveyard, the next step to complete the DMZ Vondel Investigation mission is to upload it to the Shadow Company at an upload station. Now, the problem here is that they’re not at towers as they are on other maps. When it comes to Vondel, the upload stations are on top of tall buildings. There’s one at the highest point of the Market in the center of the map, for example, and I believe there’s one on the Stadium. There’s also one on top of the smaller section of the Cruise Terminal. If you’re having trouble finding an upload terminal, pick up an Intel contract, and it’ll take you where you need to go.

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