DMZ Zoo Detonator Location

The Assault on Vondel is a new event that has been added to CoD Warzone 2 with its Season 4 update. It consists of various challenges that you need to complete across the new map. One of these challenges requires that you find several detonators that are have been placed in prominent locations across the Vondel map. One of these is at the Zoo. Though, seeing as the Zoo is a very big – not to mention, dangerous – place that you are probably not too familiar with yet, it can be very difficult to figure out exactly where the detonator is there. So to help you find the location of the DMZ Zoo Detonator, we are here to explain where you should go and look for it.

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DMZ Zoo Detonator Location
DMZ Zoo Detonator Location

Find the Detonator at Zoo DMZ Warzone 2

Naturally, the first step is to make your way over to the Vondel Zoo. But beware, as this is a very high threat level area that is brimming with dangerous enemies. Only go there once you are prepared to face them. Once there, go to the Aquarium. Though, to enter this location, you are going to need either the Aquarium key or a Skeleton Key to get inside. When you open the door, look for the Zoo Detonator on one of the benches in front of a tank there. Finally, interact with it in order to complete this challenge. We have marked the location where we have found it in the gallery.

Note that it appears that these Detonator locations are randomized, so if you didn’t find it there, you will need to look for it elsewhere at the Zoo. Though, seeing as we have found it there, it’s definitly possible that you are going to run into the Zoo Detonator at that spot as well.

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