Extract DMZ Tempus Torrent

CoD Warzone 2 features a wide arsenal of weapons that you can use. Some of these you start the game with, while others you need to unlock during the course of the game. The Tempus Torrent marksman rifle is squarely in the second category. Because of this, many players are wondering how to get this rifle, and what is the exact DMZ Tempus Torrent location where it is obtainable. But, as you’ll see in our Extract DMZ Tempus Torrent guide, this isn’t really the case, and you are going to be able to get it another way.

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Extract DMZ Tempus Torrent
Extract DMZ Tempus Torrent

How to get DMZ Tempus Torrent

There are two ways to get this weapon. The first is a multiplayer challenge that requires that you “Get 25 Double Kills with marksman rifles”. The other method is via a successful DMZ extraction. The way this works is simple and the best and fastest way to get it is to play with a friend that has already unlocked this weapon. Simply have them set the Tempus Torrent as their ensured weapon and then invite them to play with you. As soon as the match starts, the friend in question can then drop the gun, and you can pick it up. All that’s left is to perform a successful exfil with the weapon on you.

And if you don’t know anyone that has this weapon unlocked, you might also get lucky and take out an enemy that has this weapon. If that’s the case, then the rest of the method is the same. That is, exfil with the weapon in order to unlock it. Note that this method is applicable to all of the weapons in the DMZ. Finally, if this is too much of a hassle, you can always buy the Tempus Torrent directly from the in-game shop. As of right now, a bundle with this weapon is not yet available, but it will probably arrive to the game sometime later.

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