Fix Player That Your Platform Denies Permission to Play Warzone 2

CoD Warzone 2 is finally out! This free online shooter has attracted many players across the world. Though, since the game has been released on several platforms – including PC, PS 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X/S, there appears to be a problem that can occur due to this. Namely, you can get a notice that reads: “A player that your platform denies permission to play with you has joined the game. Would you like to exit the lobby?” Is there a way to fix this Player That Your Platform Denies Permission to Play Error in Warzone 2? There are a couple of things you can do to fix this, and we are going to go over all of them right here in this guide.

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Fix Player That Your Platform Denies Permission to Play Warzone 2

How to Fix Player That Your Platform Denies Permission to Play in Warzone 2

The fix that has so far helped the most players experiencing this is to – disable crossplay. Go to your System Settings in the game and disable this option. After that, try to play the game again and see if this has done the trick. If this hasn’t helped, the next step is to try and restart your device. Power it down and wait for about half a minute before turning it on again. Hopefully, this should cause your device to reload the files and fix the error.

The next thing you should try is to see if you have any pending system updates. It’s also a good idea to check if there are any game updates as well. Since it has only just been released, we’re sure to get hotfixes and the like on a regular basis. And if none of these work, the only other solution is to be patient and wait until the developers have resolved this error on their end. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long.

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  1. L

    how is that a fix when i play with a friend from another platform? a true fix not gonna lie :))).. just let the message there until you get into match and then press no and voila.. you can play

    1. J

      Bs. Still pops up during game play getting me shot not cool at all. Pay for online to not be able to play. Xbox that’s foul

      1. P

        Same bruh same, this is in no way a acceptable fix, I’ve died many times now because of it popping up during a fight

    2. A

      Naw it pops up for me mid match, i died last night from it happening during a fight

  2. M

    This is getting kind of irritating! Not only do I get this message popping up in the middle of a game I can’t join parties or groups everything is locked. Don’t worry I can join a platform is by invite game makers need to come up with a solution to fix this.

  3. K

    Y’all needa chill out it’s a new game just find something else to play till they fix it

  4. A

    Still not fixed!!! Just give us the toggle in game back!

    1. J

      i just fixed it! unblock all the players you have blocked on the game and you’re good

  5. W

    I got this message because my gold membership for online play was expired. Once I renewed it, the message has never appeared again.

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