Floatsam Cargo Cache Key Location DMZ

Not sure where to find the Floatsam Cargo Cache? Warzone 2 Season 2 has brought a plethora of new locations in DMZ for players to explore, including the brand new map – Ashika Island. In this guide, we explain what Floatsam Cargo Cache Key unlocks and where to find it.

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Floatsam Cargo Cache Key Location DMZ

Where to Find Floatsam Cargo Cache Key Location in DMZ

Veteran DMZ players know the game is full of random keys you’ll constantly stumble upon during your deployments. And, in Season 2, with a brand new map, new factions, missions, and new POIs in Al Mazrah, there are also plenty of new keys. And exactly like in Season 1, most of these keys are completely random drops you’ll find from loot or dead AI bots. Hence, if you know the location of the Floatsam Cargo Cache but you don’t have the key, we can’t help you here. You’ll simply need to play and wait for the key drop. However, if you have the key, but don’t know the location, then we can help you!

Ashika Island is a much smaller map than Al Mazrah. Hence, it should be easier to find hidden things. However, it’s packed with content, and some people might get lost. To find the Floatsam Cargo Cache key Location, you must go to the E5 coordinates. There’s a canal there which separates the Town Centre POI from the Beach Club POI. And there are two bridges on the canal – one near the sea and one more inland. Head to the second one. You’ll spot a half-sunken cargo container near that bridge in the canal towards the land. The Cache is just beneath it! Swim towards the cargo container, dive, and head below it. You’ll imidewatly spot a box. Use your key here, unlock it, and enjoy your loot! Just watch out for AI and other players.

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