Friendly Fire DMZ, Where to Find the Pyro Commander

Not sure how to kill the Pyro Commander in DMZ? We’ve got you covered! Warzone 2 Season 3 has brought a brand new faction to Call of Duty’s extraction mode. This “redacted” faction arrives with three tiers of missions at the start of Season 3, with more to be added later in the season. In this guide, we explain where to find the commander and complete the first step of the Friendly Fire DMZ mission.

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Friendly Fire DMZ, Where to Find the Pyro Commander
Where to Find the Pyro Commander in DMZ

How to Kill the Pyro Commander in DMZ Friendly Fire Mission

The Friendly Fire DMZ faction mission for the “Redacted” faction consists of three steps. The very first step here is the most confusing one for many players. It requires us to “Kill the Pyro Commander”. In case you don’t know, the Pyro Commander is one of the several new bosses added to DMZ. So, the very first question we need to answer is – where to find the Pyro Commander in DMZ? The thing is, he doesn’t have a set location on the map. Rather, he has a random spawn location. Fortunately, the location is not entirely random. Namely, he will spawn at a random stronghold. Hence, you will need to check strongholds around the map to find him.

This does sound like a rather tiresome job. However, the best strategy here is to grab a helicopter as soon as you deploy. With a heli, you can easily fly around and check every stronghold on the map until you eventually find the one where the Pyro Commander spawned. Another critical piece of information is that he always spawns in a locked space. Hence, you will need a Skeleton Key in order to guarantee that you will be able to unlock the room in which he is.

Once you find the right spot, a message will appear saying, “Pyro is nearby”. The battle will be relatively easy, but keep in mind that he has a lot of health. Hence, your squad needs to be well-equipped for this battle. With that said, our “Friendly Fire DMZ” guide is completed.

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