Hidden Containers Locations Natural Treasure DMZ Mission

The “Natural Treasure” Tier 3 Black Mous mission in DMZ has players investigating the nuclear power plant attack. Our task is to locate and loot the three Hidden Containers somewhere in Al Mazrah. We will need to find all three Hidden Containers’ locations in order to extract the Irradiated Drill found inside. In our article, we will pinpoint the exact locations where you can find these three containers.

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Hidden Containers Locations Natural Treasure DMZ Mission
Natural Treasure DMZ Mission Guide

Natural Treasure DMZ Mission First Hidden Container Location

The mission description for the first Hidden Containers location and what it actually says in the task are two conflicting things. The “Natural Treasure” briefing says that the first one is located “west of Taraq, in the oasis near the eastern pond. However, this oasis and that pond are actually located straight to the east of Taraq. There are three ponds there, and the one we’re searching for is the U-shaped one. The pond closest to Taraq. And right there on that little peninsula, you’ll find the first Hidden Container. Make sure to pick up everything from it.

Natural Treasure DMZ Mission Second Hidden Container Location

The second Hidden Container is actually located to the west of Taraq, on the other side of the river coast. It is hidden between some rocks and palm trees there. It can be pretty easy to miss it, so look carefully. This one should have the Irradiated Drill inside, which you must pick up, as you’ll need to extract it to complete the mission.

Natural Treasure DMZ Mission Third Hidden Container Location

Finally, the third Hidden Container is one of the hardest to find. Not only is it located on the completely opposite part of the map, but it is also hidden under the water. There are two pieces of land in the sea south of Hafid port, and the third Hidden Container is in the water right between them. It’s tough to find it, but you can check out our images below in order to spot the exact location.

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    Josh Compton

    It’s not the most critical detail. However for the sake of accuracy. The third hidden container is the one with the drill to the East of Taraq. You said it was the second. Another thing to note, I was unable to open the second container at the south end of the map without having completed the first hidden container.

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