Letter from Sarrif Bay Bath House, DMZ Missing Person

Missing Person is a new Tier 3 mission for the Legion faction. To complete it, you are going to have to accomplish several mission objectives. The first of these requires that you “Extract the letter from the Sarrif Bay bath house”. But where is the location of this bath house and the letter itself? We are going to show you not just where the Sarrif Bay Bath House can be found, but also the exact spot where the letter has been placed, so that you can quickly complete the DMZ Missing Person mission.

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Letter from Sarrif Bay Bath House, DMZ Missing Person
Letter from Sarrif Bay Bath House, DMZ Missing Person

Extract the Letter From the Sarrif Bay Bath House

To get this letter, first head to the Sarrif Bay area of the Al Mazrah map. We have marked the exact location of the Bath House itself so that you know where to go. Of course, it should go without saying that this place is swarming with very aggressive AI enemies, so be very careful when going here. Once inside the bath house, you are looking for a small fountain. At the base of this fountain, you are going to see the “Driver’s Note” item. In fact, this is the letter that you need to get. Plenty of players have been confused, since they expected that the letter would be called, well, a letter, but it is actually the “Driver’s Note”.

In any case, pick up the note. Once you have this Driver’s Note in your possession, the next step is to “Place the letter in room B7 of the Ashika Island apartment complex.” We have written a separate guide that explains how to do this. And after that, all that’s left is to then perform a successful exfil from Ashika Island in order to complete the Missing Person mission.

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