MW2 Black Noir Bundle, Roze Skin 3.0 Warzone 2

The MW2 Black Noir Bundle is currently one of the hottest topics in Modern Warfare and Warzone 2 communities; many see it as a “Roze Skin 3.0” skin. Is this extremely hard-to-spot skin yet another pay-to-win cosmetic? And when will you be able to get the bundle? Read on as we detail everything you need to know.

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MW2 Black Noir Bundle, Roze Skin 3.0 Warzone 2
MW2 Black Noir Bundle Release date

Modern Warfare 2 Black Noir Bundle, Roze Skin 3.0 Warzone 2

The biggest stars of the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded update is the crossover event with the popular superhero tv show “The Boys”. As a part of this crossover, Call of Duty games (Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2 and DMZ) are three brand new operator skins – Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight. However, by far, the biggest turmoil is caused by the Black Noir skin.

Namely, many players argue that the MW2 Black Noir Bundle is pay-to-win due to the skin’s pitch-black colours. To be specific, many players have PTSD from the infamous Rose skin, which was dubbed the most P2W skin ever in COD’s history. Specifically, due to its dark nature, the original Rose skin was almost impossible to see in dim-lighted areas. Will we have the same issues with the MW2 Black Noir skin? We will have to wait and see.

The MW2 Black Noir Bundle releases on Thursday, July 20th. When it comes to the exact time of release, we reckon it will come with a patch on that day. Regular updates are usually released around 6 pm CEST / 5 pm BST / 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT. Hence, that’s when we expect the MW2 Black Noir Bundle to launch. The operator bundle will be available exclusively for purchase via the in-game shop. The whole bundle will cost you 2400 COD Points, which is around 20 US dollars. Do you think is bundle is P2W? Tell us in the comments!


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