MW2 Shadow Siege Commanders Locations

If you are not sure where to find MW2 Shadow Siege Commanders locations, we’ve got you covered! The Shadow Siege limited-time event is now live in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, marking the beginning of the MW3 storyline. Among several challenges, players will be tasked to “Assist in Killing 5 Commanders” in order to get the M13C Assault Rifle. Read on as we explain where to find these MW2 Commanders in the Warzone Shadow Siege event.

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MW2 Shadow Siege Commanders Locations
How to get M13C Assault Rifle in Warzone and MW2

How to Assist in Killing 5 Commanders in MW2 Warzone Shadow Siege Event

The Warzone Shadow Siege event marks the end of the storyline we’ve been following since the launch of MW2. The story bits experienced through DMZ and Raid missions are now coming to a conclusion with Operation Rogue Arsenal. Taking place on Al Mazrah, the mission has players breaking into the secret underground weapons facility for manufacturing chemical weaponry, located underneath the Zaya Observatory. Here, players will need to collect 45 gas canisters before exfilling.

However, this will not be an easy deed to achieve. Namely, you will be attacked by countless Konni agents along the way. In addition, several powerful commanders will also try to stop you from completing the mission. And that’s where you will need to Assist in Killing 5 Shadow Siege Commanders in MW2. So, where to find these MW2 commanders? They are actually rather easy to spot but hard to kill. These commanders are:

  • Found in the air inside attack helicopters outside the secret underground facility.
  • They are also on the ground, in the form of DMZ boss characters – Wheelsons and Juggernauts.

And that’s it. That’s where you can find MW2 Shadow Siege Commanders’ locations. It’s important to note that you don’t need to be the one to deal the final blow. As the task says, you only need to assist in killing 5 Commanders in MW2. That means that you only need to deal some damage before they drop dead. Do that five times, and you will earn the M13C Assault Rifle.

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