DMZ Russian Gas, Machine in External Ops Location

Russian Gas is a new White Lotus Tier 5 Story Mission. It consists of several steps that you need to do in order to complete the mission itself. These are: “Infil into the Koschei Complex with the Vondel Gas Sample.”, “Find the Koschei Complex gas sample in the south of the DRO.”, and to “Validate the chemical similarity between the Vondel gas sample and the Koschei Complex gas sample.” The third step here is what is giving a lot of players a hard time – due to a bug that you can potentially get here. In this guide, we are going to show you where the location of the Machine in External Ops is, and also how you can avoid the DMZ Russian Gas glitch and successfully complete the mission.

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DMZ Russian Gas, Machine in External Ops Location
DMZ Russian Gas, Machine in External Ops Location

Analyze Both Samples at the Machine in External Ops DMZ Russian Gas

The issue here is that you sometimes won’t be able to get the Validate prompt to analyze the samples. Currently, there is only one way to fix this. What you need to do is to enter from the parking garage entrance in Al Mazrah. If you try to enter this location from any other entrance, it will bug out. Once you have entered it from that specific entrance, go to the External Ops via the Chemical Plant door. Doing it like this, you should be able to intaract prompt needed to complete the mission. If you are having trouble finding the machine, refer to the map screenshot directly below. We’d like to thank Reddit user WK02, for making this very helpful map.

Machine in External Ops Location
Machine in External Ops Location.

Of course, this buggy mission will probably get fixed very soon, but in the meantime – you can use this method in order to complete it.

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    Carl Edora

    Yeah I did the same thing: entering from the garage in Al Mazarah go to the external ops but it won’t validate the two gases one from Vondel and the other in Koschei

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