SC Special Forces Footlocker Key Location DMZ

If you’ve found the DMZ SC Special Forces Footlocker key, you will probably want to know where to find the footlocker to use the key. Warzone 2 Season 2 is here, and when it comes to DMZ, it has arrived filled to the brim with new content. This doesn’t only include the new map, missions, and the Crown faction, but also new locations and items! In our guide, we pinpoint the exaction location of the SC Special Forces Footlocker in DMZ.

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SC Special Forces Footlocker Key Location DMZ

Where to Find SC Special Forces Footlocker Location in DMZ Season

The Season 2 update is here, and there’s quite a lot of new content to explore when it comes to DMZ. In this guide, however, we will talk about maybe less exciting but equally puzzling things. There are quite a lot of new keys and things which they unlock. And just like in Season 1, these keys are random drops in most cases. Hence, if you know where to find the SC Special Forces Footlocker but don’t have a key, we can’t help you much there. However, if you have obtained the key but don’t know where the footlocker is, we’ve got you covered!

The SC Special Forces Footlocker is located on the Al Mazrah map. You’ll need to visit the Sattiq Cave Complex point of interest. You will find what you’re looking for at the 5D coordinates at the very centre of this square. The Footlocker lies near the massive pipeline, where the nearby road makes a sharp U-turn towards the south. Check out our map below for the exact location where you need to go. There, you will find a burning car crash wreckage. Inspect the car’s surroundings, and you will find the locked SC Special Forces Footlocker. Now simply use your key on it and enjoy the looted items!

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