DMZ Sensitive Documents & Smuggling Records Location

The Warzone 2 DMZ tier 4 mission “Caved In” for the White Lotus faction requires players to “enter the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves by boat”, then to loot the Smuggling Records, and finally – place Sensitive Documents at the original location of the Smuggling Records. Sounds easy enough on paper. However, many players don’t know where to find these Sensitive Documents. Also, it seems that the Smuggling Records location is bugged and won’t register when you place the documents. Read on as we explain what you need to do.

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Sensitive Documents & Smuggling Records Location, Caved In DMZ
“Place Sensitive Documents at the original location of the Smuggling Records in the same deployment”

Where to Find Sensitive Documents for Caved In DMZ Mission

Before you enter the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves by boat, you first need to locate Sensitive Documents because you’ll need to do it all in one go (“in the same deployment”). These documents don’t have any dedicated location in the game. Rather, you’ll need to get lucky a bit in order to find them. Nonetheless, there are some locations where you’ll have higher chances of finding them. Players report that the Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village is an excellent place to look for them. Furthermore, office buildings with lots of office drawers and computers will almost certainly have sensitive doc inside them. Finally, police stations are great places to find these documents as well.

Place Sensitive Documents Bug, Smuggling Records Location Caved In DMZ

When you have the documents, you’ll have to use a boat and enter the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves. There are alternative entries to the Sattiq Caves complex, but in order to count for the task, you’ll need to enter the cave via water. Make sure to be deep into the cave on your boat in order for it to register for task completion. Once inside, you need to find a small shack with the Smuggling Records inside. It is imperative to have the Sensitive Documents with you before entering the cave, as the quest requires you to do both of these “in the same deployment”.

Now comes the tricky (and buggy) part. Namely, you should place the Sensitive Documents “at the original location of” the Smuggling Records. Normally, we would assume that you need to put the docs somewhere inside the hut where you found the Smuggling Records. However, the game doesn’t want to register that you’ve completed this part. For some players, no matter where you drop it, it won’t register.

Unfortunately, if this is happening to you, there’s not much you can do about it. You can try and place it in various locations inside the hut and see if it will eventually count, but not much else. For now, that’s all we can tell about this bug. Nonetheless, we will make sure to update the article if we find any working workarounds for this bug.

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  1. A

    Do you need a key to enter the shack?? When I done this yesterday there were no windows to smash to gain entry and the cabin was locked 🙁
    Lost the key to the shack in the previous deployment as got jumped by a team of 5

  2. P

    Just played this mission. If you look in the corner, where you retrieve the Smuggler’s records, it will give you a prompt to place the documents. Do not just drop them. The same applies to the Poppy Farmers mission.

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