How to Turn Off Jumpscares MW2 & Warzone

Jump scares have been a staple of modern horror for decades. After all, there are few things more scary than a sudden monster or bad guy appearing out of nowhere, accompanied by a loud and frightening noise. Because of this, jumpscares are often used in video games as well. But, just like not everyone like horror as a genre, jump-scares are also not everybody’s cup of tea. There are jumpscares in MW2 and Warzone, and many players are wondering if they can be turned off, and if so – how to do it. We’re here to help you with how to turn of jumpscares in MW2 and Warzone.

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How to Turn Off Jumpscares MW2 & Warzone
How to Turn Off Jumpscares MW2 & Warzone

How to Turn Off Jumpscares in COD MW2 & Warzone

To turn off these jump scares, go to the Battle Pass tab in the game’s menu. As soon as you open it, you will receive a message about this very thing in The Haunting. It reads: “We’re here to give you a friendly heads-up about the upcoming Halloween Event in the Battle Pass. Brace yourself for spine-tingling Jump Scares that could take you by surprise – all part of the thrilling Halloween spirit, of course! The choice is yours: If you prefer, you can always choose to disable them from the Battle Pass only. What’s your preference?” This is then followed by two options that you can pick: “Trick and treats: keep them on”, or “No tricks, just treats: turn them off”.

Select this option to to Turn Off Jumpscares in MW2 & Warzone
Select this option to to Turn Off Jumpscares in MW2 & Warzone.

Naturally, if you want to turn off the jumpscares, select the “No tricks, just treats: turn them off” option. This will disable these unwanted scares, but nothing else about the game or this event is going to change. You won’t miss out on anything by selecting it, so feel free to use it. And you can turn it back on in the same menu at any time if you change your mind. Note that this only turns them off in the Battle Pass. And even then, some players are reporting that this isn’t working as intended and that they are still getting these Jumpscares even though they turned them off.

Jumpscares in the game
Jumpscares in the game.
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