Crysis 3 Mission 1 Datapad locations

During the first Crysis 3 Mission: Post – Human, you can collect seven Datapads. Here’s a quick screenshot guide on how to collect all datapads.
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Datapad location no. 1

Once you leave the ship with Psycho you will enter the first room with enemies. Defeat all the enemies by using the stealth or search &destroy tactic. On the opposite side of the room go up the stairs into another room. Inside you will find the first Datapad on the top of the Control Panel.

Datapad no. 2

After the short cutscene where Psycho gives you a new weapon – Bow, you can collect the second Datapad. It is located in the same room, near the stairs, on the machine.

Datapad no. 3

In the next area, after defeating all the enemies, Psycho will ask you to follow him to the waypoint. Before you reach the waypoint you will go through two rooms. Datapad no.3 is located in the first room, to the right, below the computer monitors. Be sure that you have collected the datapad before entering the second room, because the door will close automatically, and you will not be able to collect the datapad anymore.

Datapad no. 4

After collecting datapad no. 3, you will come across a door that should be remotely hack by using the visor, in order to proceed with the mission. As soon as you hacked the computer, turn left and you will find a datapad in a small room.

Datapad no. 5

Follow Psycho downstairs. Next datapad is hard to miss since it is located on the computer next to Psycho. You will spend a few minutes in this room during the conversation with Psycho.

Datapad no. 6

When you cross the bridge you will come to the part with giant reactors in the middle. On the right side you will find an entrance on the upper level. The entrance is located under the sign “FOXTROT II”. When you enter the hallway, turn left. At the and of the hallway you will find a room full of ammo crates. The sixth datapad is located next to the ammo crates.

Datapad no. 7

Across the entrance to the Datapad no. 6, you will find another entrance which leads to Datapad no. 7. When you enter the hallway, turn right and follow the hallway until you reach the room with chairs, computer monitors and computer terminal. Datapad no. 7 is located on the computer terminal.


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