Crysis 3 Mission 2 Datapad locations

“Welcome to the Jungle” is the second mission in Crysis 3 and it contains 3 datapads.

Crysis 3 Datapad location no.
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After collecting the weapon “Bolth Sniper”, turn right and jump on the rocks towards a dead end. You will find a datapad on the box in front of the broken fence.

Crysis 3 Datapad location no. 2

Once you reach a large blue warehouse, turn left and go under the ruined highway bridge. As soon as you pass the bridge you should see a pyramid shaped container. A Datapad is located next to the container. Hack the container and you will get Nanosuit upgrade.

Crysis 3 Datapad location no. 3

Once you reach the train station and pass by a big tree in the middle, use small tunnels to reach a Datapad, which is located under the rails.


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