Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance - Scan the Security Systems, Yorinobu's Datapad, Relic Thermal Clues - The Information Guide

Information is one of the main jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 and it requires you to analyze a braindance to scan the apartment’s security systems, a datapad and do a thermal clues sweep for the relic. It’s the one where you prepare for the Yorinobu Arasaka job, and the first time you encounter the braindance mechanic. After a tutorial scene (or calibration, as the game cleverly calls it), you’ll get to play around with footage of Evelyn visiting Arasaka’s suite. Since it’s practically your first time, you might have trouble with some of these objectives. If you do, our Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance guide will show you where to look.

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cyberpunk 2077 information braindance
CP2077 Information Braindance – Security System, Yorinobu’s Datapad, Relic

Before you start looking, we suggest you play out the entire sequence from Evelyn’s point of view. It’ll give you a feel for the place, and mark certain key moments on the timeline. You’ll also complete an optional objective this way, which is always nice.

Scan the apartment’s security system – Cyberpunk 2077 braindance analysis

This objective isn’t mandatory, but it’s good to be prepared – after all, you’re going to rob the place soon, so it’s best to know what to expect. There are five security devices you need to identify and analyze – two alarms, two cameras and one automatic turret. First off, make sure you’re in the visual layer. As soon as you step off the elevator, you’ll find three – one alarm on the right, one on the left, and a camera up and to the right. There’s also a camera above the big projector screen in the middle of the room.

cyberpunk 2077 scan apartment security system

The only one left is the turret. To spot it, you’ll have to wait for Arasaka and Evelyn to head into the bedroom. It’s on the ceiling, between the bedroom and living room, and you can spot it around 02:09 in the recording. There’s also a Liberty Iconic pistol by the bed – if scanning the five devices doesn’t mark the objective as complete, make sure you check that out too.

Scan Cyberpunk 2077 BD for Yorinobu’s datapad while it’s turned on

We wasted a lot of time on this one, looking for the exact moment when the datapad is on. Truth is, you need to fast forward a bit. The only time it’s on and you can actually look at what’s on the screen is while Yorinobu’s putting it in the nightstand. You’ll find that moment around 02:45 of the braindance recording – just make sure you’re in the visual layer.

cyberpunk 2077 yorinobu's datapad

Cyberpunk 2077 Thermal Clues – Find the Relic

Once you’ve unlocked the thermal layer, you’ll need to scan the apartment looking for thermal clues about the relic’s whereabouts. It’s stored in a cold space, according to the specifications from the datapad, so you should look for anything with a green glow. There are a bunch of false leads – an AC in the bedroom, a champagne bottle in living room, a fridge. But the true target is a hidden safe. You’ll find it in the living room, in the far left corner when coming off the elevator. It can be found in the thermal layer of the cyberpunk 2077 braindance at around 00:36.

cyberpunk 2077 scan thermal clues relic location

How to exit braindance in Cyberpunk 2077?

After you have finished scanning for all the clues, the Information Cyberpunk 2077 quest objective will be to exit the braindance and to do so you need to press X if you’re playin with a keyboard or Circle if you are playing on Playstation or B if you are playing on the Xbox. This tip was given during the introductory braindance, but it’s easy to forget. For other tips you can look at the lower right of the screen where all commands to navigate the cyberpunk 2077 bd are located. Most important is that to scan things you need to switch to editing mode (with TAB on PC or L1 on consoles). To scan for thermal clues in editing mode you will have to switch to the thermal layer with SHIFT on PC and R1 on consoles.

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