Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro Revealed

Another PlayStation 4 exclusive, another limited edition console. Of course Sony was gonna have a promotional PS4 Pro bundle for Death Stranding. The bundle includes the console, a Dualshock 4, and the game itself on Blu-ray. To me, it’s a bit of a mixed bag; I do like the console, but the controller leaves something to be desired.

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Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro Revealed
Death Stranding Limited Edition PS4 Pro Revealed

There were very few major PS4 exclusive games that Sony didn’t have a special edition of the console for, and Death Stranding will be no exception. Still no word of a Life of Black Tiger PS4, but oh well. Anyway, the Death Stranding limited edition PS4 Pro bundle will launch on November 8th, same as the game. In said bundle, you’ll get a Death Stranding PS4 Pro, a special DualShock 4 controller, and a copy of the game on Blu-ray. According to the announcement on PlayStation Blog, this delight will cost you $400. Pretty standard fare.

That said, I do have a bone to pick with this bundle. The Death Stranding-style PS4 Pro looks cool. It has the spooky hand prints, the mid-rib is black and has Death Stranding in gold letters, all great stuff. But then we have the controller. Sure, it has the game’s logo on the touchpad, that’s fine. But the transparent, orange style kinda makes it look like a cheap knock-off. I know it’s supposed to evoke those bizarre baby-canisters that have featured prominently in all the promo material. To me, though, it looks like the type of controller you give to your younger sibling.

But, of course, that’s just me editorializing. I’m sure that there’s a lot of you that are gonna like it, and maybe even pick the bundle up. If you still don’t own a PS4, and want to experience Kojima’s new fever dream, then you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Besides, the life cycle of the PlayStation 4 might be ending soon, but there are plenty of exclusive games that are worth playing regardless.

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