Death Stranding Pre-Order & Special Edition Bonuses Revealed

The pre-order bonuses and special editions of Death Stranding leaked a little ahead of time, and they’ve now been confirmed. The game will have four editions: Standard, Special, Digital Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition. Each one of them comes with it’s own extra stuff, and they’re increasingly more expensive, of course.

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Death Stranding Pre-Order & Special Edition Bonuses Revealed
Death Stranding Pre-Order & Special Edition Bonuses Revealed

First off, the pre-order bonuses you’ll get for jumping onto the Death Stranding train early. If you decide to pre-order, you’ll get a PS4 dynamic theme and a Chibi Ludens (the logo of Kojima Productions) avatar. Also, you’ll get several in-game items, which you will unlock through story progression. Said items are gold “Sam” sunglasses, a golden hat with the BRIDGES logo, a gold armor plate, and a gold Speed exoskeleton. You get these with any version of the game, even Standard, as long as you pre-order.

Now, the Standard Edition of the game, which costs $60, comes only with the base game. Then, there’s the Special Edition, which will set you back $70. The extra content here consists of a pair of in-game golden “Ludens Mask” sunglasses, which look like skeletal eyes, a custom steelbook, and the Timefall digital music album, plus a behind-the-scenes digital video.

Next up, we have the Digital Deluxe Edition, for $80. It comes with the Ludens sunglasses and the digital music album / behind-the-scenes video. No steelbook case, though, since you get a digital download of the game. Plus, you get three more in-game items: a gold Power skeleton, gold armor plate level 2, and a gold all-terrain exoskeleton. Like the other in-game items, you unlock them via game progression.

Lastly, there’s the Collector’s Edition, which will cost you $200. It comes with all the stuff mentioned above (plus the steelbook case, since it’s a physical copy), and several extra physical items. Specifically, a life-sized BB Pod (the creepy tank-babies), a Ludens keychain, and a BRIDGES cargo case to fit all that guff in. So, which version is most worth the money is going to be up to you to decide. I’d say the Digital Deluxe, honestly, but that’s just me.

Death Stranding, as we’ve recently learned, is coming out on November 8th, 2019. It will be a PlayStation exclusive. So, the party is PlayStation 4 owners only. If the game does well enough, we can probably expect to see it on the PS5, too. I can’t wait for it.

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