Deathloop Charge Empty Battery

The question of how to charge an empty battery in Deathloop is one a lot of players are bound to ask themselves. The first empty battery that you come across is very early in the game. However, it isn’t until much later that you learn how to actually charge and use the batteries. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to charge empty batteries and then use them.

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deathloop charge empty battery
Deathloop Charge Empty Battery

How to Charge Empty Battery in Deathloop

To charge an empty battery in Deathloop, you need to find a battery station. These can be found in a number of different locations scattered around the four districts. These stations are about the size of your average parking meter, and in the shape of a lighting bolt. All you need to do is place the empty battery into the machine and out comes a charged one. Oftentimes, you’ll need to charge a battery to solve a nearby puzzle, like when you need to watch a video by Egor in the Control Center.

how to charge empty battery deathloop
Battery station

In that specific case, you need to pick up the empty battery next to the projector, and then put it into the charging station to the left of the projector. Usually, if there’s a puzzle that you need to solve this way, the charging station will be somewhere in the vicinity. However, there are other places, like the kiosk south of the library in Updaam, that are just there for you when you need to charge an empty battery in Deathloop.

As you might have guessed, batteries have more uses than just solving specific puzzles. You can also use them as a weapon, as the game will tell you when you reach the Egor mission described above. Specifically, you can chuck a charged battery and then shoot it to cause an explosion. Sure, that can also be a distraction, but let’s be honest, using it to get rid of a number of enemies at the same time feels unnervingly good.

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