Best place for farming glimmer in Destiny's Dark Below

According to a brand new video on BussDriva DH’s youtube channel, there is a new glimmer farming spot in Destiny. If you have the Dark Below expansion, start the new strike The Will of Crota in Cosmodrome. The farming spot is in the first area where you encounter enemies. You can clear all the enemies while standing in a small room, and after a couple of minutes you will hear a voice saying – “Push forward guardian”. After that you should kill any remaining yellow mobs, and let the last enemy kill you all. You’ll respawn in a close vicinity of the farming spot. Repeating this run for about an hour grants you 20,000 glimmer. You’ll also level up your gear, get a lot of blue and green engrams, House Banners and Silken Codex items that can be traded to Cryptarch for 200 Glimmer each.

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