Destiny Crota's End Raid Armor and Weapons

Destiny first expansion the Dark Below introduces the second raid named Crota’s End, available to all players who purchased the game update. The new Raid, Crota’s End, starts on December 9th, 2014, and takes place inside the Hellmouth, on the Moon.
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The hard mode of Crota’s End level 33 difficulty will be available in January.

The reward system in Crota’s End

  • Raid loot in Crota’s End will drop at a higher rate compared to VoG raid
  • New Raid gear will contain a wider variety of potential perks
  • Weapons and Gear from Crota’s End will not require Ascendant materials for upgrades
  • Radiant Shards and Radiant Energy acquired in the Raid will be used to upgrade new Raid gear
  • Unwanted weapons and gear from Crota’s End will dismantle into Radiant materials
  • Primary weapons will only drop in the harder version of Crota’s End, released sometime in January

Crota’s End Possible Loot

Crota’s End Raid Weapons

All Raid weapons have the “Hive Disruptor” upgrade which means the weapon deals bonus damage to stronger Hive enemies.

WeaponTypeImpactRoFMag SizeStabilityRangeReload 
Word of CrotaHand Cannons683212452545word of crota
Fang of Ir YûtScout Rifles483715497567 
Abyss DefiantAuto Rifles88823602585Abyss Defiant
Oversoul EdictPulse Rifles47730623361Oversoul Edict
Light of the AbyssFusion Rifles89216733261Light of the Abyss
Black HammerSniper Rifles32123358855 
Song of Ir YûtMachine Guns2510035301648Song of Ir Yut
Hunger of CrotaRocket Launchers68781126271 

Crota’s End Raid Armor

HelmetUnyielding CasqueWillbreaker’s WatchDeathsinger’s Gaze
ChestRelentless HarnessWillbreakers Resolve
Willbreaker’s Resolve
Deathsinger’s Mantle
GlovesAcolyte RungWillbreakers Fists
Willbreaker’s Fists
Deathsinger’s Grip
BootsTireless StridersWillbreaker’s GreavesDeathsinger’s Herald



  1. K

    For the hunter gloves on Crota gear you have acolyte rung for the reward but that’s actually the reward you get from Eris. Dogged cage is the set of gloves from crota 🙂

  2. N

    How do u get the helmet and boots for raid armor for hunter?

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