The Dark Below Dead Ghost locations

Destiny’s Dark Below expansion contains six new Dead Ghosts. Unlike the majority of the dead ghosts that were scattered throughout the maps, these six can be found inside the missions.
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The first three dead ghosts are hidden on the planet Earth, in the mission “Siege of the Warmind”. The last three are in the new Moon mission named “The Wakening”.

Earth – Siege of the Warmind Dead Ghost locations

#1Sub Area – Seraphim VaultGhost Fragment – Hive 3
As you enter the Seraphim Vault and the darkness zone starts you come across the first group of enemies. This fight takes place on two platforms. The first dead ghost is at the end of the first platform behind a metal box.
#2Sub Area – Seraphim Vault
The next two dead ghosts are inside the central area of the Seraphim Vault. While completing objective “Examine the Warmind” look for the platform and a computer on it. Just beneath this platform, on the pipe close to the stairs you’ll find the next Dead Ghost.
#3Sub Area – Seraphim Vault
The third Dead Ghost is in the Seraphim Vault main room – central area. In order to collect the ghost you have to use the large cables that connect central part with the walls. Just above the previous dead ghost location, on the top of the platform, you can find the starting place for climbing. It is a “panel” that can be used to jump onto a cable. From here jump toward the tangled cables, then jump down onto the lowest side of the next structure, toward the dead ghost on top of this metal structure.

Moon – The Wakening Dead Ghost locations

#1Sub Area – Chamber of Night
From the World’s Grave area enter the Chamber of Night. Go through a dark tunnel, and you’ll come across a huge green circle on the ground. Keep going to your left. Soon, you’ll spot the second green circle on the ground. Turn left and go up the stairs. When you pass a large pillar, look to the left and you’ll see the Dead Ghost on the ground.
#2Sub Area – Chamber of NightGhost Fragment – Hive 4
Inside the larger cave room continuing toward the mission objective. In this moment a wave of enemies will run toward you from the opposite side of the room. If you look to the right you’ll see a huge rock. Dead Ghost is on the top of the rock.
#3Sub Area – Chamber of NightGhost Fragment – The Last Word 3
From the previous dead ghost location the mission objective leads you through the huge door. The sixth Dead Ghost is inside the next room, on the top of a huge metal construction. First, jump onto a door-frame. This is the hardest jump. Once you succeed, you can spot the final Dead Ghost location.