Destiny Eris Morn location and items

Eris Morn is a brand new vendor available with the first Destiny’s expansion The Dark Below. She is the main NPC character that starts new Bounties and quests related to The Dark Below story.
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You can find her in the Tower, on a small balcony to the left from the landing point. She offers a bunch of new quests and three new story missions (The Wakening, Assault On Warmind, Fist Of Crota) that will help you increase your Light, and earn the weapons and armor you’ll need to face what waits in the dark below.

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Eris Morn location

Completing quests and missions given by Eris Morn will increase your reputation with Crota’s Bane faction. New rare and legendary reputation rewards are available for purchase in her stock, once you achieve the required reputation level.

Eris Morn Crota’s Bane faction items

NameTypeGlimmer CostReputation rankPreview
Emerald LightWarlock Bond2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 2Destiny Emerald Light
Song of DuskWarlock Bond2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 4Destiny Song of Dusk
Cloak of the HiddenHunter Cloak2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 4cloak of the hidden
Hood of the SpawnHunter Cloak2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 2destiny hood of the spawn
Mark of the HiddenTitan Mark2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 4Destiny Mark of the hidden
Mark of the SpawnTitan Mark2,500Crota’s Bane Rank 2Destiny Mark of the Spawn
MiddayeShader1,500Crota’s Bane Rank 3Destiny middaye
PredawneShader1,500Crota’s Bane Rank 2Predawne
SunsettingShader1,500Crota’s Bane Rank 4Destiny sunsetting
Blade of CrotaEmblem1,000Crota’s Bane Rank 3detsiny blade of crota
Dark HarvestEmblem1,000Crota’s Bane Rank 1destiny Dark Harvest
Sigil of NightEmblem1,000Crota’s Bane Rank 2Destiny Sigil of Night

Supplies / Materials

NameRadiant ShardBlack Wax IdolGlimmer CostReputation rank
Runed Core050Crota’s Bane Rank 3
Embalming Orb0100Crota’s Bane Rank 3
Special Ammo Synthesis020Crota’s Bane Rank 3
Heavy Ammo Synthesis050Crota’s Bane Rank 3
Radiant Shard11500Crota’s Bane Rank 4
Radiant Energy11500Crota’s Bane Rank 4