Destiny Husk of the Pit - Necrochasm Exotic evolution guide

Husk of the Pit is an auto rifle that started appearing in Destiny after the 12/16/2014 hotfix patch ( One of the additions in the game states that Bungie “added a replayable node to the Director for the ‘Fist of Crota’ mission”.
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This is a story mission you can play if you have the new The Dark Bellow DLC and it takes place on Earth. IT was part of Eris’ pack of story missions, but it was not repeatable once you completed it, up until now. I ran it today because I knew that there was a Blade of Crota NPC there you need to kill for one of the new bounties and to my surprise that mob dropped Husk of the Pit auto rifle. This is a level 10 auto rifle that also unlocks a Grimoire entry and I found that to be very strange. Upon further investigation I found out that both people on reddit and other websites covering Destiny have discovered that this gun can be upgraded to an Exotic weapon Necrochasm! This is why I thought I share the findings of my investigation about this new item in this guide.

How to get Husk of the Pit

All reports so far, and my personal experience, point to the fact that Husk of the Pit is a pretty common drop from Blade of Crota mob you get to kill while doing the Fist of Crota story mission on Earth. You can restart the mission by going back to orbit and starting the mission again if you did not get the drop so Blade of Crota and Husk are farmable this way. You can even have multiple Husks in your inventory. You will notice that Husk of the Pit has an interesting perk called Cannibalism whose description is as follows: “The Husk exudes a sense of sinister satisfaction when used to expire its former allies.”. The best way to progress this perk is by killing hive. Doing a level 4 mission The Dark Within on Earth progresses it for about 1/10. Remember it is a low lvl auto rifle so find appropriately leveled hive to kill with it (higher levels are harder to kill). After you level up the perk you will need to buy Embalming Orb from Eris Morn to unlock it.

Eidolon Ally

Once you unlock the Cannibalism talent on the Husk of the Pit you will need an Embalming Orb. This item is purchased from Eris Morn, new NPC vendor on the tower from TDB DLC, once you reach Rank 3 reputation with her and have 10 Black Wax Idols. Eidolon Ally is a legendary auto rifle. Its last perk is called Burgeoning Hunger and once you upgrade it the gun is supposed to evolve into an Exotic auto rifle. It is rumored that you will need “Crux of Crota” Exotic material to evolve Eidolon Ally into its exotic version and it supposedly only drops when you defeat Crota in Crota’s End raid (whether you need hard or normal mode is unconfirmed as of right now).


Necrochasm is the last evolution of Husk of the Pit. It is a high rate of fire auto rifle with low impact and a relatively small magazine. Its special is that it has Arc damage and one of the perks will have your enemies explode occasionally. Aiming the weapon will make it more stable. What you need to get it is described above but here’s a “TL;DR” version:
  1. Get Husk of the Pit from Fist of Crota mission on Earth.
  2. Kill hive to fill up Cannibalism perk of the weapon and get Reputation rank 3 with Eris Morn to purchase Embalming Orb from her to evolve into Eidolon Ally.
  3. Level up Eidolon Ally and to unlock the last perk kill Crota in Crota’s End raid (hard mode) for Crux of Crota and evolution into Necrochasm

We will update this guide as we do more steps and add information as it is confirmed by more players.

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  1. S

    Well, that’s not the only way of getting it.
    I was playing patrol on earth, then i went to the skywatch and I kill a sword of crota and then puff i obtained the husk.

  2. P
    Post It Baby

    I did the part before you get to the final wizard on The Dark Beyond (the first mission on the moon) on lvl 6 about 15 times to upgrade Husk of the Pit. I had to kill precisely 500 regular enemies before it upgraded. Each attempt gave me around 35 kills. If you’re going to use this method make sure you don’t kill the knight or it will start the next part. Once you kill all the regular enemies just kill yourself and repeat. Hope this was helpful.

  3. C

    Black wax idols not black vex idols. 🙂

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Oh, my bad …

  4. The Husk of the Pit also drops in the Skywatch area after defeating one of the Blades of Crota there. Very rare drop. I’ve managed to get two of them from that location so far.

  5. D

    Just so you know, the Crux of Crota is availble with eris Mon if your rank three as well. The Husk of the Pit isn’t that rare of a drop, keep in mind that if you have “x” amount of resources pulled from each planet you get a resource bonus as the grimore cards rank up for that. My partner’s toon has gained 3 of them in 24 hours from simply killing blades of crota, second point is he completed the Dark Below first quest and also did crota’s soul at this point, not sure that affects the drop rate, I do however know that i gain way more resources from most creatures in Moon and Earth and have the rank 3 cards for moon and earth. The Destiny Companion app helps a ton to see what bonuses you get and how you are progressing as well. I have it on the Iphone and ya just go to the bottom of the Grimore page and it will tell you (after the Nearest completed bonus) what the active bonuses are. Also these carry across and amass with all of your toons, no matter the level. or if you delete one to restart.

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