New Content Plans for Destiny in 2016

After fans caught wind of the fact there won’t be any more “monolithic” DLCs for Destiny in the foreseeable future, many have begun to panic. Concerns of an impending content gap began to spread like wildfire, so the dev team took to their blog and decided to clear things up a little.
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Not too much, though.

destiny year 2 2016 plans
So what exactly is up? We can expect new activities and events on a regular basis – smaller scale, higher frequency:
The first of these early 2016 experiences will be on a scale close to Festival of the Lost. The second will be far larger than anything you’ve seen since the release of The Taken King. There’s also another significant update to the world and sandbox planned in this same window.
Eric Osborne of Bungie claims they’ve learned a lot from the past year. Their plan is to release the content mentioned above during winter and early spring. It’s all a bit muddled and vague right now, but that’s understandable. More info will come as time passes. In the meantime, be sure to try your luck with the Sparrow Racing League.

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