Destiny New Update is Now Live, Full Patch Notes

A new Destiny update is now live. Update went up recently, and it’s solely focused on fixing various issues. This includes problems with raids, the Crucible & Eververse, quests, vendors etc. The bugs fixed include crashes, issues with loot drops and some progression glitches.

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Destiny New Update is Now Live, Full Patch Notes
Destiny New Patch is Now Live, Fixes a Lot of Issues

Even though the hype over Destiny 2 is slowly gathering more and more steam, Bungie is still making sure that the first Destiny gets the support it needs. The latest update for the game, version, brings a bunch of fixes. It covers a bunch of issues, from the relatively small ones, to some really huge problems, such as the Elimination round timer stopping indefinitely in some cases. You can check out the full patch notes of update below.


  • Fixed a crash when respawning with Knuckles of Eao active


  • Fixed an issue where the Elimination round timer was stopping indefinitely when a Guardian was killed immediately after being revived in high-latency matches
  • Fixed an issue where some Flawless Trials of Osiris runs prior to the Rise of Iron Release were not being counted in the Record Book
  • Added invisible physics to prevent players from standing outside the intended playable space on Rusted Lands


  • Fixed an issue where Treasures of Ages earned from completing Activities each week were previously not stacking
  • Fixed an issue causing some Sterling Treasures to not drop Desolate Armor
  • Added change that prevents duplicate rewards of the new Ships in the Treasure of Ages


  • Fixed an issue where Eris was not selling Runes for Court of Oryx


  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Heroic Story Playlist was not progressing the Pushing Back the Darkness quest step of the “A Tale of Two Guardians” quest


  • Fixed an issue where viewing characters on or in 3rd party tools could cause some Record Book objectives to change state incorrectly, often resulting in a notification

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