Destiny DLC The Taken King To Have The Biggest Arsenal Yet

In a new blog update, Bungie community manager David Dague has explained that The Taken King expansion will bring the biggest armory ever into Destiny. The amount of weapons will be even larger then the one at vanilla launch.

destiny taken king largest armory
According to the blog post, many of the weapons will come from one of the three Foundries that supply the City – Hakke, Omolon and Suros – each with their own set of traits that make them special.
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For instance, Hakke gunsmiths favor simplicity over intricacy, creating focused weapons with low stat spikes. Omolon artisans are masters at making energy weapons who provide you with sturdy equipment to build upon. Finally, Suros believes in customization – they offer the best adaptability with their products.

Each Foundry also has a distinct visual style they rely upon, to make their weapons recognizable. So if you see a guardian running around with a sleek-curved Rocket launcher, you can safely assume it’s a Suros. Hard edges and rectangular shapes mean Omolon, while Hakke favours designs reminiscent of late 20th century military.

The Taken King is out on September 15th, across all platforms.

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