Destiny Xur Location and items December 19th

It’s Xurday again, and that can only mean one thing – the hunt for new exotics has begun. If you’re looking for the Strange Coin vendor Xur this December 19th, you’re at the right place.
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Once he shows up somewhere in the Tower, you’ll be able to exchange your hardly obtained Strange Coins or Motes of Light for new exotic gear and weapons. If you still don’t know his arrival and departure time you can check out the table below, or a countdown timer on our site.

Xur location December 19th

Xur is in the Speaker area near shader lady at the big doors.

Xur exotic items

Patience and time, Ruin wings, Claws of Ahamkara, Knucklehead radar


Alpha Lupi (hunter), Lucky Raspberry, Alpha Lupi (titan), No Backup Plans, Heart of Praxic Fire, Sunbreakers, MIDA Multi-Tool, Thorn, Universal Remote, Plan C, SGA, Truth, Monte Carlo

Time ZoneArrivalDeparture
PDTFriday, 2:00 AMSunday, 2:00 AM
EDTFriday, 5:00 AMSunday, 5:00 AM
GMTFriday, 9:00 AMSunday, 9:00 AM
CETFriday, 10:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM

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