Destiny Xur Location and items for October 31st

We’re back once again with the same question “Where is Xur – Strange Coin vendor“? This weekend of October 31st, Destiny’s Agent of Nine will appear in the Tower with a bunch of new exotic items.
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You will be able to exchange your Strange Coins or Motes of Light for new exotic gear and weapons from the early hour of Friday October 31st until November 2nd. You can check out his arrival and departure time in the table below.

Xur Location October 31st

In the middle next to the crucible vendor – where he was the first time. If you are wearing the Jackolyte mask, you will also be able to purchase the Flight of Shadows from Xur for 1 strange coin! After using it you now respawn in a swarm of bats! It lasts for 24 hours.
xur location october 31

Halloween special!

If you wear the Jackolyte mask (item you got for Halloween) when you talk to Xur, you will be able to purchase Flight of Shadows consumable that changes the appearance of your respawn for 24 hours. Consumable costs 1 strange coin and will create swirling bats around you every time you spawn (after dying for example).

Exotic items

The ArmamentariumChest ArmorTitanExoticSC13
Lucky RaspberryChest ArmorHunterExoticSC13
Voidfang VestmentsChest ArmorWarlockExoticSC13
Patience and TimeSniper RifleAllExoticSC17

Time ZoneArrivalDeparture
PDTFriday, 2:00 AMSunday, 2:00 AM
EDTFriday, 5:00 AMSunday, 5:00 AM
GMTFriday, 9:00 AMSunday, 9:00 AM
CETFriday, 10:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM

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  1. K

    The Patience & Time is actually only 17 SC. #Bargain

  2. X
    Xur has entered the room

    Patience and Time looks like a pretty good weapon.

  3. R

    Hi – I think it’s 17 coins for the exotic sniper not 23 as you are showing.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thanks – fixed it

  4. X

    Is anyone else tired of Xur having the same old exotic armor pieces? I’m practically hoarding Strange Coins I could probably buy Xur by now

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