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The Yuul chest is one of the locked loot containers that can be found onboard the Dreadnaught. It’s a bit hard to find, hiding in plain sight, and once you do get to it, you’ll also need a key to unlock it. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Yuul Chest and the key that fits it.

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Yuul Chest Location

When you reach the platform at the Court of Oryx, go right. You can either jump over the chasm using the pillars or go around, throught the round room. Once you’re on the walkway, you’ll see a terrace that seems out of reach to the right. Use your ghost to reveal invisible platforms and jump on them. The chest will be waiting for you on the terrace.

How To Obtain Yuul Chest Key

As with all other chest keys, the Yuul Key is a random reward from the WormFeeder Rune task, which is completed after killing 50 enemies without dying. Check out our guide How to use and collect Wormsinger rune. You can also get it from enemies during Patrol, but the drop rate is low.

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