DMC Secret Mission 14 Subsistence

DMC Secret Mission 14 Subsistence

Part of: Mission 9 – Devil Inside
Required Key: Gold
Reward: Devil Trigger Cross Fragment
Additional Information: After you wake up, Phineas will show you the road to the nearby building. In the corner of the room you will find a door that leads to the secret mission.
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This mission is very interesting due to the fact that your health keeps constantly decreasing, and you need to kill enemies in order to replenish it. Some of the creatures can be easily defeated, while the others have shields and chainsaws. At the end you will face Dreamrunner. Focus on the creatures from the first wave, and try not to kill them all at the beginning of the mission, while your health pool is full. Try to save them for later, when your health pool goes lower. Keep your distance from the other creatures.

The main objective for the Secret Mission 14 Subsistence is to survive until the timer of three minutes expires. Each enemy killed restores some of Dante’s health.