DMC Secret Mission 16 Shenanigans

DMC Secret Mission 16 Shenanigans

Part of: Mission 13 – Devil’s Dalliance
Required Key: Ivory
Reward: Devil Trigger Cross
Additional Information: This mission is one of the hardest and the most challenging ones. You should defeat three tough creatures: Witch, Ghost Rage and Blood Rage.
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First, you should kill Witch since she have fatal attack when she throws fire swords at you. While dodging the Rages around the platform, keep an eye on three fire swords above Witch’s head. At the moment when she starts throwing them at you, position yourself so that your right side of the body is facing the witch and start using Osiris Prop ability. This will make all the fire swords fly in the opposite direction, toward her. After that she will lose her shield, and you will be able to do some damage to her, until the moment when the rages come close to you. Repeat this action until you defeat her. Fighting the rages (without witch) is rather easy action. Osiris Prop ability is also great in keeping the Ghost Rage in the air until you kill him.

The main objective for the Secret Mission 16 Shenanigans is to kill all enemies (Witch, Blood Rage and Ghost Rage).


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