DMC Secret Mission 19 Bait and Switch

DMC Secret Mission 19 Bait and Switch

Part of: Mission 16 – The Plan
Required Key: Copper
Reward: Health Cross Fragment
Additional Information: When you are on the 154th floor, copper door can be found near the elevator doors on the same floor.
Demon evade is demonic upgrade of a regular evade ability.
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Stygians you find here are doing one attack that you can easily demon evade if its done in a proper way. They swing their weapon at their back and soon after that they swing their weapon at a target in front of them. You need to time your demonic evade at the moment when their weapon is swinging to the front. No more than two successful demonic evades are needed in order to kill all three Stygians.

The main objective for the Secret Mission 19 Bait and Switch is to kill all enemies within the time limit of 90 seconds. Enemies only take damage while the demon evade damage bonus is active.


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