DMC Secret Mission 8 Displaced Skirmish

DMC Secret Mission 8 Displaced Skirmish

Part of: Mission 5 – Virility
Required Key: Argent
Reward: Health Cross Fragment
Additional Information: After the second big cargo room, you will notice the Blue Vine entrance in the distance, which leads you to a hidden room. On the crossroads turn right and keep straight ahead. Few tunnels later, there will be a door on your left side. Smash it with your Arbiter and soon enough you can enter the Secret Mission 8, if you have Argent Key. This is one of the most challenging and the funniest Secret Mission. You can damage the creatures only when they are positioned in green circles. The green circles shrink from time to time, and change their positions around the fountain.
The main objective for the Secret Mission 8 Displaced Skirmish is to kill all enemies within the time limit of 110 seconds. Enemies only take damage from within the active zones.

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