DMC Secret Mission 9 Rapid Descent

DMC Secret Mission 9 Rapid Descent

Part of: Mission 6 – Secret Ingredient
Required Key: Copper
Reward: Health Cross Fragment
Additional Information: Copper Door that leads to the secret Mission named Rapid Descent can be found near the first Divinity Statue, just before the room with Succubus. This secret mission is rather simple, although you have a short time to complete it. Your goal is to go through all the marks that have been placed on the floating boxes scattered around the big cargo room within the 80 seconds time limit.  The boxes are placed in the form of scattered stairs and you should find all the marks on the same level before you decide to jump down on the lower one.
The main objective for the Secret Mission 9 Rapid Descent is to reach all of the goals within the time limit of 80 seconds.

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