Diablo 4 Bad Blood, Hide Near Cookpot

In our Diablo 4 Bad Blood, Hide Near Cookpot guide, we are going to help you complete this side quest. Specifically, we will explain how to finish the two steps that require you to hide near a cookpot. Yes, it happens twice, and no, it’s not enough to go behind a big rock. The game expects you to stand in one single space and just assumes you’ll figure it out. It’s just frustrating. Anyways, let’s dive in.

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diablo 4 bad blood hide near cookpot
Diablo 4 Bad Blood, Hide Near Cookpot

Hide Near Cookpot Diablo 4 Bad Blood

There are two steps that require you to hide near the cookpot to complete the Bad Blood side quest in Diablo 4. The first one is right after you find the bandit camp. The next step is to add Gulyas’ potion to the cookpot, and then hide before you can progress. However, you can’t just crouch in some bushes or something like that. Nope, you actually need to stand in a specific place. See that little tuft of white fog just above and to the left of the camp? That’s where you have to go and interact with it to actually “hide.” After a brief cutscene, the quest will proceed. There is no other way to do this. Check out the first of the two screenshots below to see exactly where the fog is.

The second time you have to hide near a cookpot in Diablo 4 Bad Blood is after you find the cultist camp and pour some of the potion in their pot. Do keep in mind that there are a lot of monsters in the general area, so beware. Head into the tall “grass” immediately above the camp, and that’s where the “hiding fog” is going to be. Look at the second screenshot below to see where to go. And it can happen that you mess things up and basically soft-lock yourself from completing the quest. If that happens, abandon it and pick it up again. You may have to exit the game to the main title or completely before it’ll work properly.

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