Diablo 4 Battle Pass Platinum Coins Missing Season 1

If your Diablo 4 Battle Pass Platinum Coins are missing in Season 1, you are far from the only person with this issue. The very first Diablo IV season is here, and with it – the very first Diablo battle pass. If you didn’t get your Platinum coins from the battle pass, here’s how to claim them.

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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Platinum Coins Missing Season 1
Didn’t receive Platinum Coins Diablo 4 Season 1

Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Platinum Coins Missing Solution

Platinum Coins are Diablo 4’s premium currency. They can be used to purchase various cosmetic items from the in-game Shop. You can purchase it directly with the in-game money. Or get it as a reward via the battle pass, as a part of the season progression. For example, at Tier 14 of the battle pass, players are to receive 60 Platinum Coins in Diablo 4 Season 1. However, at the start of the new season, many players report they haven’t received their Platinum.

“Do I get the 60 platinum from the season progression after a certain point or right away?” asks Reddit user NiktheloveableDick. Another Reddit user, named shadowdra126, says that he has “unlocked the platinum on the battle pass, but it is not showing up in my store.” If you are among these players, don’t worry.

First things first, make sure to claim the coins in the battle pass manually. You must claim each battle pass reward individually. The green checkmark indicates that you’ve claimed that particular reward. If you’ve claimed your Battle Pass Platinum Coins, and they still don’t appear in the shop, you should know the reason is servers. The game is currently overwhelmed by an influx of new players. Diablo 4 is barely playable at the moment. Hence, that’s why the game is not registering your coins. Give it a day or two, and they should appear on your account. If not, contact Blizzard support and explain your issue.

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