Diablo 4 Can't Change Resolution, No Fullscreen Option Issue

It’s finally happened, Diablo 4 is here! After many years of development, the latest entry in this award-winning saga is here and legions of Diablo fans across the world are roaming the open world of Sanctuary, looking for loot and baddies to kill. However, there is a glaring problem that PC players have to navigate around. Namely, that they are unable to change the resolution in the game and that the fullscreen option is unavailable. But is there any possible fix for this no Fullscreen Option and can’t change resolution in Diablo 4 issue? Read on to find out.

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Diablo 4 Can't Change Resolution, No Fullscreen Option Issue
Diablo 4 Can’t Change Resolution, No Fullscreen Option Issue

Diablo 4 No Fullscreen Option, Can’t Change Resolution Issue Possible Solution

The reason why this is happening is because the fullscreen option was removed from Diablo IV during the Beta. As of right now, it doesn’t look like the option has been brough back to the game. This could either be an oversight, or it could be added back with the full release that’s scheduled for June 6th, 2023. Either way, the fullscreen option is grayed out and – as far as we can tell – there is no way to turn it back on. So, what can you do to somehow resolve this?

Well, the only real solution that springs to mind is to go to your desktop settings and to change the resolution to your desired one from there. Then, once you go back to Diablo 4, the resolution in the game should match the one to which you have set your desktop to. This is far from ideal, but it’s the only solution we can think of. Hopefully, the devs are going to fix this soon. Also, if you have any other working method that can resolve this, we ask that you please share it with us down in the comments.

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