Diablo 4 Can't Speak With Leyrana, Rogue True Potential Bug

The Diablo 4 Speak With Leyrana quest is probably one of the buggiest in the game. This quest is a part of the ”Rogue True Potential” quest line. Namely, players are unable to interact with Leyrana in the Forsaken Quarry. Furthermore, there are multiple models of Leyrana in various locations. Finally, many players don’t know where is Leyrana, because they don’t have a quest marker on the map. Read on to learn possible solutions.

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Diablo 4 Can't Speak With Leyrana, Rogue True Potential Bug
Diablo 4 Can’t interact with Leyrana, Multiple Leyrana Models Bug

Diablo 4 Speak With Leyrana Bug, Rogue True Potential Quest

At one point, the Diablo 4 Rogue True Potential quest will have you speak with Leyrana to continue this combo points quest. However, due to various bugs, many players cannot continue this quest line. Namely, the part where we must talk with her is bugged in multiple ways. For one group of players, this quest is bugged due to the fact that they simply don’t know where Leyrana is. Despite having the quest, Leyrana’s quest marker isn’t showing on the map. Unfortunately, there is no 100% workable solution for this. However, several players have proposed some possible solutions.

If you can’t find Leyrana in Diablo 4 to speak with her, you should first log out and back in. Many players report that her quest marker appeared on the map once they did that. If this doesn’t help, you can try manually searching for her. Leyrana is standing in in front of the Forsaken Quarry dungeon (Kylsik Plateau) when you exit Kyovashad from the East gate.

However, there’s another issue. Many players were able to find her but are unable to interact with Leyrana. Hence, they can’t speak with Leyrana. And sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this glitch at the moment. The best thing you can try is to log out of the game, and then log back in. Some players report this has helped them. For some reason, it seems that Leyrana 3D model is prone to duplication, and that causes this quest to glitch out. If you know a solution for this issue, please – share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. D
    Derek Miller

    Exiting the dungeon and returning worked for me

  2. D

    Can confirm a log out log in sends you back to last city. Youll have to come back and complete the dungeon uptil the free 5 captives and Leyrana will appear in a new spot (can be seen on the mini map too) and you can interact with her.

  3. N

    tping out and back in works

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