Diablo 4 Darcel Bug, Stolen Artifice Enemy Spawn Issue

In our Diablo 4 Darcel Bug, Stolen Artifice Enemy Spawn Issue guide, we are going to talk about the amusing but frustrating glitch where the quest boss keeps multiplying ad infinitum. Sometimes, the clones come in such numbers that they can even cause the game to crash. But don’t worry, they’re much more likely to delete you before that happens. So, what the heck is going on and is there anything you can do about it? Let’s find out.

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diablo 4 darcel bug stolen artifice enemy spawn issue
Diablo 4 Darcel Bug, Stolen Artifice Enemy Spawn Issue

Diablo 4 Darcel Bug, Stolen Artifice Quest Spawn Issue

The Darcel infinite spawn issue is a bug that you might run into during the Stolen Artifice in Diablo 4, as we’ve already said. On paper, the mission is a bog-standard, boring fetch quest. You talk to the NPC called Merryn in Braestaig. Offer your aid, and you’ll be sent to kill a monster called Darcel and retrieve the Runic Charm. Bring it back to Merryn, and you’re done. Normally, it takes about five minutes to complete, and at a leisurely pace. Darcel is an elite enemy, sure, but even he is not that big of a deal. One Darcel isn’t. Twenty or more are a whole different story. Even if they don’t crash the game through sheer numbers, they will quite likely annihilate you.

If this happens, then you’ve run afoul of the aforementioned Diablo 4 Stolen Artifice Darcel spawn quest bug. The only “fix” for it that we’re aware of is killing the original Darcel. Otherwise, the clones will just keep coming and coming, no matter how many you kill. Or, at least, they’ll keep spawning so much that it ultimately doesn’t matter. They do stop duplicating once the “real” Darcel is downed, but good luck figuring out which one that is. I mean, you could also just restart the game and see whether the quest begins to behave itself. And if you’re thinking that this is a glitch where Darcel is supposed to summon minions and accidentally summons himselves, nope. He’s just a big dude that you have to cut down. Somehow, that makes the multiplication bug even funnier to me.

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