Diablo 4 Game Share Xbox Fix

Game sharing has always been one of the best things about couch co-op games such as the Diablo series, and Diablo 4 is no different in this regard. This way, only one person needs to have actually bought the game, and another can play through the game share option. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a problem with this on the Xbox. Namely, instead of being able to play this way, Xbox players are getting the “Unable to find valid license error”. Is there any way to fix Diablo 4 Game Share on Xbox? Fortunately, as we’ll see, there is something you can do about this.

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Diablo 4 Game Share Xbox Fix
Diablo 4 Game Share Xbox Fix

How to Fix Diablo 4 Game Share Xbox

So here’s the method you can use to fix this problem on Diablo IV. First, start by signing into the account that has bought Diablo 4. After that, make a new character and start the game. The next step is to then log into the shared account from the second controller and make a character and join the game alongside the first. Player 2 should split the screen with Player 1. When both of these accounts are in the game, log out of the game on your first account. Doing this is going to leave the second account logged in. Now you can re-log in with the original account and this way – both accounts will be able to play.

Of course, this is just a temporary solution, and we hope that the devs are going to fix this problem when the full game is released on June 6th. We’d like to thank Reddit users EmbarrassedRest916 and SlasherEnigma for providing these solutions. If you have figured out or learned of any other methods that can be used to resolve this error, please feel free to share them with us and our readers in the comments.

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    This worked very well so that my son and I could play together. First I logged in with my account into the family Xbox in the living room, then he did and created his character. Then I logged off and he is running just fine. I then logged onto my Xbox in my room and he sent me an invite through XBox which brought me right into his game. So far it is working very well.

    I don’t know if this matters but the living room Xbox is set up as my Home Xbox so anyone with an account on it can play using my gamepass etc. And in my bedroom I have my Xbox Series X where I access it with my account profile.

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