How to Get Abstruse Sigil Diablo 4

Knowing how to get the Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4 and how to use it can be pretty important. It is a rare and valuable upgrade resource which will definitely get more and more useful as the game gets harder. Unfortunately, they are really difficult to get, but there is a way to get them at least a bit more often. With that said, here’s where you can get and Abstruse Sigil or two in Diablo IV.

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how to get abstruse sigil diablo 4
How to Get Abstruse Sigil Diablo 4

How to Get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

To get an Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4, your best bet is salvaging Legendary Jewelry, like Rings and Amulets. That said, we got the one in the picture from salvaging a Legendary Weapon, so take that for whatever it’s worth. Legendary Jewelry will most likely still remain the most reliable source of Abstruse Sigils. So, head over to your nearest blacksmith and select the Salvage tab in the shop menu. Click the pickaxe that says “Directly in inventory,” then select the Legendary Ring or Amulet you want to destroy. Rinse and repeat until you’re done. Keep in mind that you’ll probably get some bits of iron and maybe a Veiled Crystal or two on top of the Sigils.

How to Use Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

So, now that we know how to get an Abstruse Sigil in Diablo IV, let’s talk about how to use them. As the item description states, you use them to upgrade other pieces of jewelry at the jeweler’s shop. Mind you, Abstruse Sigils can only be used on other pieces of Legendary Jewelry. That is their primary use; making already powerful jewelry even stronger. However, it does seem like you can use Abstruse Sigils at the blacksmith’s to mess with other Sigils, but we haven’t checked that just yet. If you have, let us know in the comments whether it works or not. And don’t forget that upgrading your Legendary Rings and Amulets will also cost Gold and maybe some other resources.

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